Fried my laptop

Had my arduino and ramps plugged into my usb, took the cnc power supply and plugged it into the wall…ZAP! was dead…verified wiring on the power supply and im the edge connector (green, on the edge of the board) on the ramps using a 30a 12v power supply…What could I have done wrong here?

On your laptop, look for a reset button. Its usually a small pin hole with a button in it. You may have just gotten a surge that tripped the circuit in the laptop. Sometimes they will come back to life after being reset.

Give us a pictures showing the wiring all connected to both boards.

Good call on the reset, didnt know that was there. Fortunately I had the laptop replaced as it was my work laptop. Im gonna go tell the IT guy to try that switch though.

Sure Bill,

I’ll take some pics when I get home tonight.

The reset may or may not be there. They used to be under the battery on the laptops that had a removable battery. I honestly havent looked for it on the latest ones that you can’t remove the battery. Good deal you were able to get it replaced though.

I found the spec sheet for the laptop to locate it. I got it.

Im good fellas, got it all wired up and moving. I think my 2560 was just borked. All hooked in with a new ramps and new 2560.