Fried Rambo

Hi folks, how do I work out if I fried/killed my motherboard please. Have duel end stop hooked up (was incorrectly wired Just moved z axis and as soon as it touched the stop the lights went out and display went blank. Checked fuses and the seem ok.

If you unplug the endstops will it power back on?

Is you power supply still good?

Seems like you fed power into the signal pin. Best case you killed that endstop pin (you can swap them no problem) Worst case, the whole board.

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Unplugged all endstops and have power again. Thank Ryan. This stuff is hurting my brain and driving the missus crazy

It is possible to use another endstop for your Z but you should check all the wiring again and make sure it is safe to plug in, verify the Z stop again.

I highly suggest you do not use powered end stops.

I will keep them off for now and get non powered ones.

Did you flash the firmware yourself? It looks like you’ve got the Zs both plugged in in parallel, not dual.

Assuming from the fact that the lights went out and from the fact that the board is still working i’d say you created a 5v short by connecting the endstopswitch over the ground and 5v pins instead of either ground or 5v and the signal pin.

In this case it depends a bit on your setup, if the board uses a switching power regulator (which i whould assume if it is 24v capable) then it’s probably fine. The 5v short drops the power to 0v, not much smoke and not much smell whould be noticeable in this case. So just see if the board is good en measure the switch pins to prevent a short from happening again.

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Yeah but turns out it was a “simple” fix. Ryan sorted it out for me.