Frozen North Projects

How are you going to keep them out of the way? Nice detail on them though, with the pocket on the side.

I hadn’t actually got that far in my mind haha as I assume you mean for clearance to the tubes? I never said they were the final versions… lol. I’m going to lay out a grid of nutserts in the table top and drill a matching grid of holes through my spoil board. I may need lower profile hold downs but it’s early in the r&d. :grimacing::grin:

I was thinking clearance from the 611 plate, specifically, but at some point, yeah, also the tubes.

If nothing else, you could quickly build a workbench that could use these version 1 ones.

Well with my current screw it down strategy I haven’t had to consider this part. It’s likely the screw handles I’m making could double as a lower profile clamp on their own. Once the table is made some of these bits will flesh themselves out better in use. I’m a crash and learn type often.

It sure is handy having a cnc router to make tables for a another one.


Well the v2 lr2 is up and running fine. Still have to get the spoil board sorted but I ran my first piece in it tonight. Trying a very quick and dirty method of making a silicone gasket for my “race” car project.

Mostly a proof of concept for now. It this mostly works I’ll give it a whirl on some cutting board or something more appropriate for my mould.


I call it mostly a success. It makes a great gasket.


Somewhat quiet times on the cnc front as other projects have bumped up the queue but it was called into action tonight to replace the push bike’s sad looking main beams. 1st try success which is always worth a high five. This should last the little dude the few months he needs before the pedal bike comes into the picture.


More quick morning fun, after re-engineering my 3d printer enclosure to withstand little fingers, I had left the door to the cnc. Not sure on the latch just yet but pretty happy with this. I’ve been printing with petg recently and I suspect it’ll be happier in a warmer space too.


I think only ABS benefits an enclosure, but I have it to make the extraction of fumes easier.

Besides it looks cooler and blocks off some sounds as well.

I’m going with the it looks cooler reason then. :smiley:

Really needs to be a sheet of grey cardboard that “shoops” up and down, just like a real replicator… :clown_face:

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Replicator…I just flashed on an image of a Keurig hidden in a wall behind a door that shoops up and down. 8^) I can imagine a little conveyor belt that feeds empty coffee cups to the Keurig…

I’m a home roasting / pour over kind of coffee guy, so I’m unlikely to implement this, but it sure would be cool.

Somehow that looks like Santa’s elves’ 3D printer enclosure, where Xmas presents are backed up.
Looks awesome, I really like the hinge and the window frame on the door.

Thanks, I’m swimming in dowel rods as my youngest moved out of his ikea crib a while back. I’ve got about 40 3ft sections of 2cm dia dowel. The hinges are just made from 1/4" hard board, plenty strong with 4 of them there.

It’s awesome having a cnc. I whipped up some garage mounts last weekend, a buddy of mine suggested they’re a bit phallic and it’s sort of ruined them for me. Ha ha. One curtain rod holder, and one safety first reminder over “dr. danger”, the metal flinging bench grinder.


I cut out some flat parts for a fellow canuck and maybe the first LR2 owner in Saskatchewan? @Quefol . It’s fun to be able to help out and be a part of another V1 project’s beginnings.

now just fingers crossed that they fit as they should!


Just some basic fun. I tried my hand at making some drawers for my garage/workshop and needed some pulls. Great time to experiment with the painters tape and ca glue as well while using the lr2.

Turned out great and it’s a fun finish bit of flair for the workshop. The tape and glue worked really well but wasn’t strong enough to hold the cut pieces the way I did it. I had to modify the cnc program to include holding tabs and just pocket out the insides, after that it was easy. Cut from real half inch baltic birch…which is now my new minimum for plywood, it’s so nice.