Full Graphics Controller Case

Ryan/ all,

I need a case for my display controller and my only connection with a 3D Printer just moved, do you sell the cases separately ever? I noticed that it is sometimes available in the kit but I have already purchased the printed parts.

Thanks for the help

I can make that happen for sure. Use the contact form and I can send you an invoice.

Are you sure there aren’t a bunch of people wanting this, but just not asking in the forums? Maybe it’s worth making product pages for the random extra 3D prints you’ve designed?

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Well see, shipping is tough with the large and more fragile parts, like this and the board cases. I am not going to offer the 30A power supplies anymore to try and get around some of this. In the US it is not terrible if I have to ship two boxes every once and a while but International leads to me canceling orders.

I determine shipping box size/rate by weight tiers. I use weight as an indication of size, so if it is larger than a small box I put the weight at above 3lbs. There is no size based packing/rate options available for my platform that I know of. Or for many platforms for that matter. Easy for one item in an order, or for some common orders like a hardware bundle plastic and an LCD it fits in a large box, but add a second LCD and it doesn’t, or the lcd in this case, unless I put the lcds in the case, which might be a possibility, but then what if they buy two cases. Or something like 100 bearings or a fastener bundle (coming to the site any day) and an LCD case, it will never make it.

You are right though I should make that happen.

Do you really need some fancy boxes for that kind of stuff?

I buy stuff online almost every week, and in China they just use whatever they have around to make a box. I’ve litterally seen almost anything possible, from beer packs to old furniture planks or even toilet paper. No one really cares as long as the thing ordered arrives quickly and in one piece. Maybe some people will say “meh, that packaging was a bit sketchy” but that will be forgotten 5 minutes later, the only thing that really matters to us is that the actual product is nice.

Sure it’s a nice little touch if the packaging is neat, but don’t let that take you away from making a bit more revenue

Not sure if you can do DIY packaging in the US or if you have to follow some kind of specific packaging rule though.

The USPS has standard box sizes that they charge flat, predictable rates for. If your widget fits in the $6.99 box, it ships for $6.99. (I don’t know the actual prices and I think there is a weight limit). I also think if you found another box the same size, it’s more expensive. They want the boxes to be that standard size for some reason (automation, maybe?).

Retailers here usually have good, new packaging. I don’t know how target coild get enough beer cartons or keep them organized. Plus, it feels more expensive when the packaging is new. If I buy something used off of ebay, it often comes in whatever container they can find. Everything I buy from aliexpress has some makeshift packaging.

Excellent idea. I printed the Rambo container and cover but my 3D printer started printing junk. No idea why. Having the parts available would be great. I need a lid and the LCD box.

Now that we are talking about this, what size screws should I use to screw down the Rambo board to the backing plate?

2mm should work.