Full size arcade first steps

Helping a friend with a full size TMNJ console. After the normal project chaotic start we got the main panel made.


Nice project, i have done 3 bartop already, 2 thanks to a Shopbot cnc.
Something seems to be strange to me on your panel.
Does your 4 joystick will take place in the lower part of the panel, at most left hole for each player ? If so i think hole diameter might be to small for a ~19mm wood panel(maybe fit for metal sheet panel) for joystick bar to move freely without touching the panel.
Big holes on top seems to be a better diameter, but i can’t imagine joystick taking their place here.

Do you have a finished product picture of what you want to reproduce ?

He brought the plans to me. Not sure what the source was.

We tested the joysticks that he purchased and they worked with room to spare. The back of the panel is pocketed which helps a bit.

Here is the stick…iL Eurojoystick Black

The larger holes up top are cup holders.


As an arcade builder myself, I’m truly hoping you will keep this thread updated with progress pics! I’m subscribed!

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Not really my project just helping out with the cnc stuff. I’ll post the parts I make but it won’t be a true project log as he will be doing the assembly and electronics.