Furrieness around top layer if cut

I have been noticing some furriness around the top layer of some recent cuts. I was not sure if there is a feature in estlcam that can help this? Maybe my bit is just dull as well but this appears to only be in the top layer.

Now another question is whether a finishing pass will help this? I always thought that the finishing pass was only for cleaning up the bottom finish but does it also help with the side walls?

Try a full depth finishing pass. It can be a dull bit, or just the material.

Awesome. Ill start with a fresh bit since i have spares around. Ill modify the process after that if need be.

So i replaced my endmill and im still having the same issue. Im thinking that i might just want to try a lighter pass for the first mm.

Pictures would be handy.

I will try to post a picture soon. I tried running a full depth finishing pass last night and I ended up with the same issue. I am basically getting a lot of tear out at the surface. think that the upcut endmill is the culprit in certain materials. I am a little concerned about switching to a downcut though because I do not have a dust collection sytem. Before doing that, I am going to try a shallow top layer cut maybe 2mm deep with a .7mm depth. then transition to a deeper cut.

You’ll always have some tearout with an upcut bit. What you can do is either do your finishing pass with a downcut, or just run a palm sander over the surface, if it’s sandable. I do the sander fix for a lot of my stuff, unless it’s already finished, which helps with tearout.

We do that as well but it becomes tedious with specific cuts. I am hopping that a shallow initial cut will reduce it to the point that it is manageable. or alternatively, maybe I will try a down cut. the tool change idea would be ok if we did not have so many independent tool paths. we would end up with 9 tool changes.