Fusion 360 Accuracy Help Please

Hi guys I am hoping that someone with a little bit of Fusion 360 knowledge may be able to help me. I am not completely certain it isn’t my machine accuracy but I have milled 2 blocks and they came out exactly the same length. The block is supposed to be 16.50" in length and 3.50" width. The 3.50" is coming out perfect but, the 16.50" is coming out exactly 1/16" short. It has happened on two blocks. I am almost certain it is something to do with my cam programming but I am stumped. I have loaded my Fusion 360 files in case that might help. When it cuts on the machine it looks like it is cutting too much material on the x=0 and y=0 side (Left Hand Side).
I am using a 1/4" cutter.


End-Plates-Fusion.zip (151 KB)

You should be able to upload them if you zip them or you could provide a dropbox link.

I haven’t really gotten too deep into fusion yet, sorry I can’t help you there.

Ahh good idea. I will try to zip them. I completely understand.