Fusion 360/Inventor HSM finishing pass

I wasn’t sure where to put this, so I’ll stick it here.

I’m milling a piece of MDF. My design is more intricate than what a 1/8" bit can cut, so my plan is to hog out most of it with the 1/8" end mill and then come back with a 1/16" for the cleanup.

The adaptive cut with the 1/8" goes fine, but when I go to do another adaptive with the 1/16" mill, the software wants to recut all the stuff that was already hogged out. I’ll need the 1/16" to make multiple depth cuts in part of it, so I can’t just tell the software to do a full depth cut.

Am I missing a button that tells the second process to only cut what’s left?

Also, where do I tell the software to go back to the zero point after finishing the first process so I can change bits?