Fusion 360 post processor recommendation?

I’ve been reading through the threads on Fusion 360 post processors, and I see many for the MPCNC. My middle son is moving back to his college apartment soon. He saw my new Lowrider and asked if I could make flat pack furniture for him. I have some Opendesk designs, and watched a YouTube tutorial on getting them ready for CAM in Fusion 360, which, to my eye, seems more intuitive than trying to figure out the various cuts, holes and pockets in Estlcam. However, I’m not sure what post processor I might be able to use. I have an SKR1.3 board with a TFT28 touchscreen. Firmware for the SKR board is the dual endstop version posted elsewhere on this forum. I could use some advice. Is any one of the frequently mentioned post processors here appropriate for that setup? Or am I being too hasty in assuming these designs would be too cumbersome to set up in Estlcam? Thanks in advance!


The guffy post proccessor is the most advanced, as far as I know.

I would still use Estlcam, personally. But I have troubles with fusion.

Yeah, I’m a little more comfortable with Estlcam, but setting up all the different toolpaths on the DXF seems daunting. In Fusion, you can see each sketch labeled by depth, etc., so that makes the assignment easier. In Estlcam, it’s all just lines, often overlapping, and I’m not sure of the best way to pick it all apart. Probably missing something easy.

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If you are, you’re far from alone.

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May have answered my own question. Estlcam can display a layer list (under the View menu) that allows the showing/hiding/locking/unlocking of layers in the Opendesk DXF files. That should make setting the various tool paths easier.