Fusion 360 Range table size

Hey everyone, I’ve been trying to figure this out for a couple of days now. I am using Guffy1234 Post processor on a Lowrider running Marlin. The problem is that after I Post Process the range table sets the z max to 15.24. After it is done cutting it moves Z to 15.24. It would not be a problem if I was not making multiple cuts on a single piece. To prevent this I have just been manually changing the last movement to Z15. If I end up forgetting to do it it moves the Z to 15.24 which I can’t re zero by just moving the z axis.

As I am typing this I realized that it is not a problem since I turned off “Set current position as 0,0,0 on start (G92)” but I am still curios how I could change the range table size or where it is getting the 15.24 from.