Fusion 360 startup freeze... *sigh*

Is anyone else experiencing a freeze on startup with f360 lately?

The past few months (pretty much since upgrading to win 11) I’ve been dealing with this randomly, and usually a “clean uninstall” and reinstall gets it working for a while. As of today though, nothing seems to get F360 up and running on my rig. AFAIK, autodesk engineers are aware of this, claim it is a win11 incompatibility they’re working on (win11 not officially supported yet). There were some major updates to win11 recently that could have led to this. I was hesitant, but with a new gen12 intel setup I wanted to use win11 for the thread scheduling. I sure hope this gets fixed soon, because I don’t want to have to get by with freecad for long.

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I stopped using it. I described in another post. It was freezing up on my high end work pc, which meant it was using internet more than i wanted. Besides it is a tough program to learn wheni do not know cad. But the internet piece of 360 sure leaves alot to be desired. I hope it only is affecting the free license.

I have issues with it locking up if it tries to come up on my secondary monitor and not the primary. Not sure why, but if I unplug the second monitor and reopen it, it opens fine.

Once it goes back to defaulting to the primary monitor again, everything is fine.

Make sure you have actually gotten the updates. 1-2 recently actually locked up updates and you had to manually download and install them. I have been using it pretty heavy all week and I have only ran into issues after 8-9 hours straight, then all I need to do is shut it down and open it up again. I run it on a solid desktop, and laptop, pretty solid for me.

Sorry I did not see the windows 11 part, I read it as windows 10…whoops. Yeah No 11 for me until I am positive Solidworks and fusion work on it. CAD lags way behind in adopting new OS’s.

So I did finally end up getting it working about 1hr after my post. TBH I was shotgunning the problem by the time it was fixed. So all I know is my procedure involved a bunch of desk pounding, running the autodesk clean uninstall tool, and reinstalling… occasionally not using the clean uninstall tool to see if anything changed.

Either way, I just noticed Autodesk actually does have “Windows 10 or Windows 11” under their system requirements for Fusion 360. So it is officially supported, and I guess those threads I read that mentioned otherwise are a bit dated. The latest solidworks has an official “TBA” on win 11 (red “X” on previous versions):


I’m sure the decade old (cd-rom distributed) version I have most certainly doesn’t work on win 11 either, but I’m doing 99.9% of my work in F360 anymore.

My desktop is very new no thanks to dealing with issues with windows HDR. I ended up building a rig with z690-12700k-32GB (ddr4 yeah). That was a bit early adopter than normal for me to do, but my HDR crashes came right as alderlake was being released, and I couldn’t resist. Funny part is, I didn’t even need to replace my good ole 2500k setup, and that HDR crash is still there (known nvidia issue, just have to be careful how you use HDR on both the new and old PCs). That said, I certainly am not regretting the upgrade… new rig is snappy as all git up! For example, compiling Marlin2 for my GTR1.0 board in 28sec… F360 renders are insanely fast now (though TBH rendering makes up ~1% of my F360 time either way… not big into renders). I had a feeling I’d have a few teething issues to deal with, especially when I brought on win11. However win11/gen12 so far it seems not too shakey ground to be for now (bios released recently got my PC to sleep and reboot consistently, YAY lol!), and will of course get more solid over time. That ole 2500k btw… still runs F360 just fine hehe, but it does require a video card to do so. The 12700k has a good enough GPU to run F360 without a card though… pretty cool and efficient.

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I did see notes regarding iGPU+GPU setups and multimonitor causing similar issues. I also saw info about upgrading nvidia drivers. I did all the above before posting this thread, and of course nothing was working. The thing I remember having a consistent effect was unplugging my network cable. That would force F360 to load in offline mode, and then I could actually get to the gui (albeit non-functional until it succeeds connecting the first time). However it would always crash after connecting, and not start while connected. The clean uninstall tool does all the things I read about regarding fixes… deletes a bunch of appdata files, removes registry entries, etc. Whatever it and the installer do, there’s still something in win11 install/launcher that autodesk has to figure out.

For sure, windows 11 has a lot of newer security features, and I do have most of them enabled. Isolated RAM is one of the more controversial subjects when it comes to win11 compatibility. Also, protected folder access, which I’m finding to be a royal PITA much like UAC was when it required admin passwords every 5min of use. I bet there’s something deep under the hood that still has to be sorted out between win11 and f360. Above my pay grade, but I’m sure it’ll work out fine since those complex hardware level security features are becoming more necessary these days.

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I’m running a 2070 super. One monitor is 4k, the other is not. I think for me it has something to do with graphics scaling on one monitor vs the other. For some reason it wants to try and scale on the non-4k monitor even though scaling is disabled (unlike on the 4k).

Not sure how else to explain that. Also don’t know why it suddenly wants to start on the non-4k monitor occasionally, but everytime it does, I have this problem.