Fusion Bit Setup

I am using these bits, but I am having trouble getting them loaded into Fusion 360.

How much of the bit should be out when attaching to router?

You should always have the minimum bit possible sticking out. In this case it would depend on what material thickness you are cutting and how far into the router you can get them. The more they stick out the more they chatter and have potential for breaking.

I am still learning , and I am using 1/2in (12.7mm) plywood/mdf, so would I just want roughly 13mm of the flute hanging out , or just all of the flute since they are 17mm on the ball mill I am using.

I would have all the flutes stick out so you are only gripping on the smooth part of the shank and not partially on the cutting flutes.


Trying to grip the flutes is likely to lessen the collet’s ability to safely hold the tool, and may introduce runout (wobble) to the tool. Definitely only grip on the solid shank of the the tool.