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Hello, when I run any g-code in Repetier my machine does not move, so I delete some lines of the g-code and then my MPCNC is alive.

I need to delete these lines every time before I run the any g-code. I have no idea how to fix this, if it is related to Fusion 360 or to the firmware?

The lines I delete are from “Start begin” to “Start End”

; *** START begin *** G90 G21 M84 S0 G92 X0 Y0 Z0 ; COMMAND_TOOL_MEASURE M0 Attach ZProbe G28 Z G92 Z0.8 G0 Z40 F300 M400 M0 Detach ZProbe ; *** START end ***

M0 is pause. So it’s waiting for you to attach a z probe and press a button on the lcd.

I’m assuming there is a setting for probing in the PP.

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Hi Jeffeb3, now is more clear, I don’t have probe, my MPCNC is end-stop but nothing for the Z axis, in your experience should I buy a Z probe for homing? I made this machine to cut plastic and make some panel, so the measurements must be as much as precise as can be. I saw some probings that home XYZ that you attach in the corner of the stock should I for for this?

If your Z is off by 1mm, what damage will that cause? If you’re cutting through, it will mean a 1mm gouge in your spoil board. But that’s what it’s there for. If you’re doing v carving, then it can mean wider cuts, and odd shapes. But I can get much closer than 1mm manually.

Even if I had a probe, I wouldn’t use it until I needed it. Get some good projects done first. You can then decide if it will help you.


You are right. Thanks…

I made my own with a piece of brass and a 3D printed bracket. I ran the tool wire to through one of the Z tubes and tuck the alligator clip into the tube when not using. The probe puck just sits on the table ready to use. It is 20mm high. As long as I remember to clip to the endmill, it works flawlessly.

I like not having to mess with a piece of paper on the spoil board. It’s not easy and you are doing manual control of the head. I would click the wrong button on CNCjs and send the tool into the table or up out of the mount.

I have a tool change routine that works fine. Still tweaking it, but it does speed up a tool change.

I have an Archim board and it took a little bit to make sure I was connecting the leads to the right pins. I use G28 Z and then G92 Z20 and then I’m set.

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Hi Marion, that is nice, how is the wiring to make the z axis works?


looks very nice like the brass

I did the tool connection lead through the z axis conduit and through the wire routing for Z. The touch puck then goes back to the controller. Both get connected to the appropriate sockets on the control board. It is fairly easy wiring. I didn’t have the right terminator connectors to build, but I had a spare 12v. fan from a computer and soldered that connector on.

Here’s a video that goes through the basic ideas. I watched a whole bunch of them and read through the forum posts here and looked up schematics on my Archim board to get it all figured out.

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