G10 smock scales

I need to do a little hand finishing still, but I think I’ll wear these on the smock for a while. You can see that either the material or my X axis had a bit of a wobble in the Z direction, but I kind of like the effect.

Printed on a pretty small MPCNC.


How did the g10 cut?

The edges all look crisp, I’m guessing pretty smooth sailing?

Pretty well! Using some cheap 2mm endmills from amazon. I ended up doing the top with estlcam’s “free machining” and then doing the holes and the outline in 2D. It’s been working well in paper and linen micarta, too. Though the bits don’t last too long.

One strange thing I haven’t figured out: my material is a very consistent 3.45mm, and I want the part to be about 2.6mm. I use the estlcam option “shift downwards” to take a little off the top. But to get 2.6mm from 3.45 I end up telling it to shift downwards 0.3, not 0.85. Even though my other Z measurements seem to work fine. So that’s a bit of a puzzle.

I’ve been doing this zeroing on the top of the piece but wonder if I’d be better off zeroing on the bottom (my materials all start at different thicknesses). But then I don’t know how to knock the extra material off the top.

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BTW thanks for all the work on the design. I know I’ve got some tweaking to do to my build but I also know it won’t be hard because I’m starting from such a solid, well thought out design.

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Tough one. The “correct” answer is zeroing from the bottom, you should not have to knock anything off. but if you did, it would be a separate tool path I’m afraid.

Thanks, I love doing it and seeing all the cool things you all do with them.