gantry rail angle direction

In the assembly instructions ( it says “It does not matter which way the gantry rail angle is facing as long as it is facing the same as its counterpart.”

Why do these need to be the same way?

When you assemble, build, or design something details matter.

This particular detail has to do with the chances of peoples printers printing a cruddy version. If you face them the same way the cruddy overhang will be in the same place, making no difference whatsoever. Lets say it moves the rail 1mm to the front. This ensures both sides move 1mm to the front, still both the exact same distance from a corner making it still perpendicular and square.

Now if you do this wrong, one side would be 1mm forward and 1mm backwards twisting your gantry a total of 2mm out of square. This used to be an issue with the very first version, some people don’t get very good prints…

Why do you ask?

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I was just curious why, I hadn’t considered bad prints. I printed mine with a Prusa i3 MK2S and they look perfect. Thanks!