gap between Z rail and table?

Somewhere in the internet i’ve read that it’s recommended to have a gap (i think it was 1/4") between the Z rail and the table.

But on the assembly page i don’t find any hint on that.

I think if you have a gap then the lowrider can move in x direction, right?

Depends on your table. If it is smooth, sure let it touch. I have it about 1/16"-1/8" from each rail. It is pretty simple to make this change if you ever decided to. I highly suggest you try it both ways and let us know what you find.

The wheels hold it in place not the Z rails.

hmm, but it seems that it doesn’t work everywhere:

i found it: (LowRider CNC Belt Stop - No Zip Ties)

PS: and yes, my table is smooth :slight_smile:

In this case i suggest you to read to the end :wink:

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