Garage or indoors

I am working on my low rider build (using the printed and hardware parts kits on My milled parts were 5mm plywood. I attached my progress below. I purchased my rods via speedy metals (per advice here). While I am waiting for my rods to be delivered, I need to build my table. I do not have a dedicated workshop. All of my tools are in my garage.

Should my low rider be indoors or in my garage? I live where is it very humid for 4-5 months out of the year (avg 70% but up to 84%). I worry that the electronics and more importantly, the steel rods will not fair well. I could bring the electronics inside when not in use but the rods are the 304 steel. Putting it indoors present a bigger problem. I am very worried about the dust indoors. Even with a dust collection system, small amounts of dust in the house will make cleaning a pain.

What is the experience of people that have put them in the garage during the summer?

304 is stainless it should hold up against rust really well. Bringin the electronics in is a good idea if you see any issues, you could always conformal spray coat it.

It will make a lot of dust, even with a shop vac. Some of the dust gets double cut, and is very fine.

I live in Colorado, which is a desert. Unfortunately, I can’t speak to the humidity being a factor. There are things you could do to the steel to further protect it, but not the inside. You could also try to enclosed the electronics in a box with some of those packets you aren’t supposed to eat, but you’d have to open it when running, or it will overheat.

Thanks for the insight. I installed hardwood floors a couple of years ago and the dust from the carpet persisted for weeks. Looks like it is garage bound.