Garrett's builds

Due to the quarantine I have been working from home and even though I have to be stuck in the basement it has had the benefit that I now have lots of time near my mpcnc where I can finally run it more. I recently posted my Catan Set but figured I would post some of my other build’s I have been working on.

My wife and I just had a son and we are doing a lord of the rings theme so my wonderful mother created a mobile for him but needed my help making the ring.

I also made some puzzle shaped picture frames. I am planning to make 12 of these but have only made 2 so far. I still need to cut and glue the wood together for the rest. And I need to figure out the best way to engrave the front of them. But I was really happy with how accurate my machine was. I wasn’t really sure how good it was until I made two of these and fit them together. Made me want to try inlays now.


The ring is super impressive! Did you steam bend it? I dont even see a seam.

Thank you! I had considered steam bending it but I found out that I didn’t actually need it because I was able to cut the strips thin enough for the diameter was was making it. It was just a lot of gluing and clamping layer by layer. Then I engraved the outermost layer. Here are some pics.

And there is still a seam. It just wasn’t in that picture. Intentionally.


You engraved it before you bent it right. Isn’t he a little young to be reading the Dark Tongue of Mordor? 🧙‍♂️

Very nice its wonderful he will cherish it forever

It’s best to start ‘em young… Better than havin’ em prance about with Gladriel and those namby-pamby wood elves, or grubbin’ away in some dank hole with a bunch of sweaty dorfs with questionable morals… At least you know where you stand with the Dark Lord.


Why didn’t you make it so it only shows the engraving when it was just in a fire?

That is an amazing project and it looks great.

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Hmmmm, heat activated ink, in pen held in a mount on the MPCNC. This could be a thing.

Hmmm… Sound-activated Eye of Sauron… That’ll teach the little knee-biter to cry in the middle of the night…

You don’t get to babysit often do you :shushing_face:

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It’s called parenting… And I think I’ve done a reasonably proficient job thus far. They’ve both survived to High School; the necrosis of the femoral heads was not my fault, although I suppose the ASD is… But the 4.0+ GPAs are a testament to the evil genius from my side, and actual work ethic from my wife. I’m even hoping my daughter will follow her brother through the AP courses; he’s already gotten five 5’s on AP tests, and may theoretically have a number of ancillary classes taken care of before he even gets to college. I’m also hoping he’ll follow her lead, and get a girlfriend sometime soon-ish…


Congratulations they sound wonderful and successful :grinning: Sorry it was grandparent thing not a parenting thing I was referring to. You are not quit ready for that yet in a few years. Sorry

Or cut through/almost through, red acetate sheet on the back with some leds or a lamp?


I’m not holding my breath… If he’s as much like me as I think he is, it’ll be a while, and like I said, I hope he’ll follow his sister’s lead, and get a girlfriend… :wink:

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At least someone is happy it’s all we can hope for :innocent:

That would look really neat thin plexy wrapped around and lit from below with red led

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I had originally wanted to cut all the way through the outer layer to expose a colored inner layer but due to the intricacy of the text I could not cut all the way through. I still wanted wood on the outside. I guess I could have filled the engraving with a color changing epoxy or something.

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Its wonderful we’re just kibitzing :grinning: family projects are the best. They bring everyone together and let everyone do what they are good at too

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By the time he has his own you will figure out how to do it😀

Did something a little different. I wanted to engrave the end of the knife handle I was working on so I had to cut a hole in my base to create a small passthrough. It worked out really well.


I love overcomplicating thigs by using my cnc router to make things that could have very easily been made with some more basic tools. I wanted to make a little bug house for my daughter and figured why not make this more precise with my MPCNC. Here are the two ends that I cut out.

And here is the completed bug house. I also used it for the Plexiglas door.