GCode Corrupt?

Any idea why my project would run fine once and then get really whacked up and go crazy. My z axis starts clicking and stuff. I use repetier host.

Most likely it is your Z rapid speed wasn’t set like in the basics page I have it highlighted. If that is no the issue you should upload your gcode so one of us can have a look at it.

here is my gcode


stars-copy.txt (424 KB)

So you didn’t use estlcam?

You need to give more details then. This code has no speeds associated with it and will not work. I recommend you use estlcam and follow some of my getting started projects.



I used Estlcam

That is not how estlcam gcode normally looks. you can upload your actual gcode file you do not need to change it to text. You can also zip it if it is too large but leave it as gcode.

It is missing way too much information.

Please follow that link I put above as that file is missing most of the necessary info, and try again.


here you go


stars.nc (474 KB)

The link above, has some rapid settings on it. Do you have them? They are still missing. Most of the settings are actually missing. Please follow the link above and let me know at what step you first have an issue.

The stars are on the negative side of X also make sure the X axis can move to the negative without hitting the end