Gcode problem using New Builds ESTLcam & Repetier Host


A while ago, I successfully cut some lettering using the combo of ESTLcam 11 (Build 11.240) and Repetier Host 2.1.7. As I dont have the original gcode still, I went to create the gcode for it again.

I have since then changed Windows computers, and have installed ESTLcam (now Build 11.244) and an updated Repetier Host (V2.2.3). I compared the two softwares settings (old and new) to ensure the original settings (that I know worked fine) matched in the newer versions. All appears to be the same.

I imported the original .dxf file (‘Canadiens’) to ESTLcam, then imported the resulting gcode into RH - WOW, what the heck happened?

I have not had the opportunity to see what happens during the actual cut, but looking at that, am not feeling I particularly want to!

Please take a look at the attached images. The original cut was forecasted by RH 2.1.7 as just a few minutes (which was the case when cutting it in the past) and looks as it should. But the newer RH shows the lettering as all over the place and the cutting time has increased significantly.

When I go back to the old Windows machine and put this same new exported ESTLcam file in to the old RH, it looks great. So what am I doing wrong in the newer versions?

A couple of notes: The new gcode generated by ESTLcam Build 11.244 adds J and I codes to the lines, and now showing F codes everywhere too. It doesnt have that in gcode exports from the Build 11.240 of old. Are they necessary? Example line: G02 X178.6945 Y73.1805 I9.6072 J3.4338 F900

What is this scribbling effect??

Your assistance is very much appreciated!!

gcodefile.zip (9.4 KB)

As a guess, this is a Repetier-Host bug. I took your g-code and pasted it into this g-code simulator. The path looks fine, and it estimates the duration at 5m and 45 seconds. If you are concerned, do a dry run (router off and above any stock).

Hi Robert,

Great! Many thanks for your reply and the test, plus I wasn’t aware of the g-code simulator! :slight_smile:

Back on the MPCNC project after few monthes, I noticed the same issue, but did not give attention as I checked with Camotics only few second before Repetier-host.