Gcode to exercise new build

After I run the crown, is there any gcode that exercises a new build? Moves to all extents, like a spoil board resurface, exercises arcs, moving both x and y together, etc.? I would think you would need to input the max size of the build…

Would be good to move everywhere and make sure I have everything clear of the gantry and it can move and cover my 24" x 24" workspace.


Share a gcode that fits all different mpcnc sizes is impossible, so you’ll have to do yours.

You can draw a simple 24" square, and ask your mpcnc to cut it in the air.

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Spoil board resurface is easiest while still being useful. Start with a rectangle sized the same as your workable area then pocket it a half millimeter or so. Rerun if it doesn’t touch everywhere, as many times as needed.

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Here’s several DXF files, they won’t exercise your Z.
It’s a long time since I used a zip program, let me know if you have a problem with them.
They are in metric.



also this one

drawings.zip (69 KB)


Zip file worked perfect!

Thanks Bill

You can of course use the dxf files with the pen Tom.

To exercise the Z you could open the file I linked to in Estlcam and give each square and circle a different depth but if you are just learning please make sure your Z is well above the work surface.


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Thanks again Bill,

I replicated your design across my work space and the results are looking good. It’s easy to see what I’ll be cutting first… I’ll be surfacing my spoil board. That’s why the test pattern didn’t draw well in the left front. After that, I fell I’m ready to cut!