I got the ELSCAM program to put out in GCODE. Machine reads it off of SD card. Then a whopping nothing happens. I thought maybe it needed more time, so let it run overnight and in the am machine still had not moved at all. I’m assuming user error at this point but have no idea where I went wrong. I did look at the tutorials and followed them closely, just not sure what I did wrong at this point, any help is greatly appreciated.

Did all of this work for you?

I used STL files to load into elscam vs DXF. Followed everything else on there.

I have a set of cutlass holders that i designed and its a pretty simple design so I’ve been trying to use those. Used Easel.com for the initial design and exported it as an STL since DXF wasn’t an option.

You are not giving enough information to narrow it down.
Any errors, did you start the gcode? You really should start with a 2d drawing.
Best to zip the file and put it here or a public dropbox so we can look at it.

Ok, don’t have winzip at the moment… I’ll see what I can do

If you have windows 7 or higher, just right click the file, one of the options is send to >> compressed file, which is a zip.

Went through the process with a DXF file for 2D and nothing happens. Here is the file.

Rather here

02041.zip (44.4 KB)

The code looks okay, But I will need to run it to see if it works.

What did you use to generate it, it does seem to be missing some things?

I am going to be testing boards after I finish cleaning up a bit. I will try and run it then.

Just ran it and it seemed to work fine.

Interesting because my machine loads it and then nothing… Machine doesn’t move. My buddy thinks it may be the firmware on the arduino. I bought the kit from the site and haven’t messed with the sketch at all so I don’t know. He thinks its is the interpretation part of the firmware so hes going to help me out with that. Is there anywhere on here that I can download the default sketch you load onto the kits?

ANd I used ESTLCAM and Repetier-Host liek the tutorials said to in order to make the gcode

So it is all bought from me, and you are trying to run this from the lcd screen?
That gcode is not from estlcam unless you have changed some settings in other tabs.
The firmware is on the, here, https://www.v1engineering.com/marlin-firmware/

gcode is from ESTLCAM, just my buddy mike had me try deleting some of the lines since I don’t have stops and such, he was going through the process with me over the phone. And yes using the LCD screen and an SD card.

Well the gcode works on mine, and if you can move yours repetier host manually. I am not sure what it could possibly be. Do you have any errors on the repetier screen?

I am a little nervous that you have a friend changing things. It is always best to make sure everything works as is before you modify things.

Only thing he has modified is the gcode. We didn’t start manipulating the gcode until it after it wouldn’t work the way the tutorial told me to go through the process. He hasn’t started flashing the duino or anything yet. As far as he can tell it has something to deal with the interpretation part of the sketch not working properly. Here is the original gcode after I take through the process one more time.

0204origin.zip (289 KB)

And I can’t do repetier host to move manually, I’m moving manualy off of the LCD screen menus. The computer and machine are in different parts of the house with no physical connection to each other. Moving the data via SD card

So does the file show up on the lcd screen? Then what happens or describe how you are trying to use it.

From the main menu I move to print from SD card. I select print from SD card and it returns to the main screen and the file appears to load via the load bar to the right of the SD card symbol and it appears to load, but nothing happens. The machine simply doesn’t move. In a couple of cases, the SD card never finishes loading the file. Right now I’m connected to the printer via the provided usb cable and Repetier-Host doesn’t even see the machine. It keeps asking me to connect the printer. In my device manager it shows up as USB 2.0 device. It can’t find drivers for it. I’m assuming that is normal… Thanks again for all the help. I realize its been a slow process. I work on a ship so I disappear for lengths of time at a shot and appreciate the understanding in the gaps of my replies.