Getting Close - Midland MI

Getting close to having it all working!

For a picture and short video:




Nice, works great, I think that is the perfect size even. Nice nice nice.

You can flip the brass T8 nut over and gain a little z travel if you need it.

Thanks for the kind words. I mostly wanted to be able to cut plastic sheeting and thin aluminum. I work with the FRC FIRST Robotics team 2619 and we do a lot of work with polycarbonate and aluminum.

The machine is set up to be able to cut up to 26X26 which I figured would be give me a good 24X24 finished size. Vertical travel is limited to about 4 inches but I thought that would be sufficient. Nice thing is it is always easy to expand. Table size is 38X49 which gives me a little room to expand in the Y direction. Pretty much straight stock for everything. Printed parts on a Geetech I3 clone I built this summer. Mechanical and electrical parts were bought from Fair prices and one stop shopping. Good to support all the effort you put into designing and sharing this.

I used EMT conduit but had to sand it all down to get good clearances an a smooth ride. Not hard, just messy and took some time. I bought a Dewalt 660 to put on it but haven’t got that far yet. Toolchain is probably going to be OnShape to ESTLCam to Repetier/Host but looking at options.

I’ll try to send updates as I progress. Thanks for this forum. I have read and learned a lot to get this far with all the help posted on the site and here.