Getting ready to build - LCD Controller question

I was planning on putting together my MPCNC this weekend. I have all the required parts (from this site), but noticed that I must have accidentally NOT purchased the full graphic display smart controller (which I do want). So I was going to order one, however, it seems like Ryan is out of stock at the moment. I know I can start without it, however, I would like to know if there is a good alternative that I could purchase on Amazon, or is it just better to wait until Ryan has them back in stock? Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help.

My shipment just arrived, I have a quick inventory of it and a test of a few random screens. Then I will update the inventory. I do have amazon links to everything in the parts lists for all the machines.

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Thanks for the status Ryan. Your parts list is awesome, however, the LCD controller is on it.

My bad, it is on the lowrider page, or you can search the model number from my store on amazon I would say teh most common screen so it is easy to find. I have also done my inventory so it is in the store.