Getting started


Just received my CNC parts bundle :slight_smile: and just going through everything. I noticed there were 5 tubes of bearings and one tube only had 9 bearings. I also have 3 bearings in a separate bag. Does the build need 52 or 53?

So on the electronic side, I installed the daughter board for the graphics controller, installed the T0 resistor, installed the ribbon cables between the Ramp and graphics controller and lastly plugged the green power connector. Powered up and all I get is a blank backlit screen on the controller. I would of thought I would get a splash screen or error???

I have no stepper motors connected, no SD card inserted. Do I need to connect this to a computer first?

I did notice there is a bridged solder joint on pins #11/#12 on the back side of the arduino board(if you count right to left on the double header) Can someone confirm this is correct?


53…DAng it. email me your info so I can send you a bearing. Sorry. (I sent a kit to Dubai and one of the bearings had a 5mm ID) Boca is slipping with QC.

Try swapping the lcd ribbons, you might have them reversed on one end, or adjust the contrast.

No need for a computer.

The arduino should not have a bridged connection, but I do test every single one with an lcd so maybe it is on some pins that are not used. If it is a little bridge try and disconnect it, or maybe put up a picture.

hahahaha no problem. Don’t worry about the bearing I have a boat load of 608ZZ’s from all the fidget spinners I made for the kids.

It was the lcd ribbon :frowning: duh. Works like a charm now.

I cut the trace just in case, but attached is a pic.


Awesome, thanks.