Getting the wooden bits fabricated...HELP!

Hi all,


As the store is out of the wooden bits, I was looking to a local provider, but I’ve opened the the DXF’s and the measurements seem to be off…


If I import them into something like 123D Design or Fusion 360 (I normally do 3D printing, but am now exploring CNC), an example is…the long edge of the xz_plate.DXF comes out as 1754mm! Should that be 175.4mm? I opened it in LibreCAD just now and it seems to think it is? So I’m guessing the other applications are misinterpretting something and multiplying it by 10?


Or am I completely off and that long edge isn’t 175.4mm?




Make sure you import it as mm, it should ask you when you open them.

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Thanks Ryan,


Any recommendations on software? (preferably free)…looks like I’m not even being asked if I want to import files in mm if I try 123D Design or Fusion 360…though I do have them set to default to mm seeing as we’re metric here in NZ anyway.


How long should the long edge of the xz_plate.dxf be out of interest? LibreCAD and FreeCAD seem to think it’s 175.4mm?

libreCAD is basically unitless. So if it says 175, then that is in mm.

Iirc, the biggest part was 14"? That’s off the top of my head.

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Thanks Jeffeb3…starting to sound about right.


Just measured the longest dimension in FreeCAD for the Y_plate.DXF and it came out roughly 330mm which is around 13" which kind of matches up with your guestimate of the longest part.


Hopefully that’s enough confirmation for this guy to start cutting out my pieces!

Sorry the LowRider sales have gone way up. I am trying to catch up but it caught me off guard a bit. I will have plastic ready tomorrow maybe wood. If not the wood will be ready Thursday. I took care of all teh stuff that takes the longest to get here so I hopefully won’t run out I did not have time today to run a batch of flat parts. It was a pretty crazy sales weekend even though I didn’t do any crazy sales.

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Haha, damn, I just ordered a box of bits for my MPCNC and it’s shipped. Nevermind, will see how this local guy goes…otherwise I’ll have to try and sneak another order past the wife-to-be.

Uhh, these parts were back ordered, yea, that’s it! :wink: