Glass bed - it's like a whole new printer!

I’m so so so stoked about the glass! These little buggers printed without a raft with no issue at all. Right in the middle of the bed which was always the guaranteed no-go zone on the PEI. So happy. I secretly hope the Ender is a basket case to deal with now that this bed adhesion issue seems to be behind me on the MP3DP. I’ll be trying to run ABS on the Ender so I’m sure there’s a whole other level of headache to come but with all I’ve been taught by the MP3DP I feel completely qualified to handle it. [attachment file=92481]


That’s awesome! Glad to see it and hear it. That unlevel PEI caused so much trouble. I was worried you might get frustrated enough to give up on it completely. I am excited to hear how the ABS goes on the Ender 3.

Fantastic quality. Are you using standard settings and a .4 nozzle? I can’t see any layering, though it could be the filament and not the camera since your hand is very detailed! Still haven’t tried using bare glass on my Ender, as dried glue stick seemed to work. Did you apply any adhesive to help?

Nothing at all. I have been giving it a good lomg preheat though so I can be sure the temp gets through the PEI to the glass. And I gave it a good wipe down with Iso after I installed it (taped it down to the bed). I just used painters tape so I’ll keep my eye on how well that holds up. I wasn’t able to nip away where the level screw heads were so I cut the width to just fit inside the screws. It took me down to 198mm but I rarely worked right to the edges.

Nozzle - 0.4, layer height - .15, infill on these little clips is 100%.

Kelly, I’m glad you tried using the glass for the bed. It sounds like it’s working out much better for you.