GLUE: Corner Blocks to Flex Feet

Has anyone used Gorilla Glue to connect these parts yet?

I would be carful if you do. Maybe clamp them together good so the glue doesn’t expanded too much.
Or you can use a screw there is a hole for one

So what is everybody else using? Should I really just use SUPER GLUE (CA)? I think LOCTITE makes a decent CA glue.

Hi Jon,

I print in ABS, there is a product here in Australia called Tarzans Grip, works fine for me.

But I have not glued any parts together on my build. I used an M4 bolt and nyloc nut to assembly those parts!

The only reason I see for using any glue would be prevent the parts for turn, on themselves. But only a very little bit of glue would be required!


I used E6000. Works so far for me, but I have very minimal load on the machine since I’m using a small laser and not something like a Dewalt router.

I use regular CA, there really isn’t that much force on these parts and CA works really well on PLA. If your worried use a screw and glue.