Grand plans for an update... not so much. *LR2 Released*

If you’re after flat parts in NZ I can help you out - Printer isn’t running at the moment until some new parts arrive but let me know if I can help.

Well the new part certainly looks nice!

And JJWHarris, I’m in NZ too, and will be after flat parts…

Any constructive criticism on logo placement? Ditch it all together, less prominent, more? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

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ooh ! looking nice !

@JJWHarris I will see where I get to with parts - might need to take up your offer on flat parts

I’m digging the logo placement.

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Needs more cowbell.

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That looks awesome. Cant wait to finish mine so I can take it apart and upgrade parts :stuck_out_tongue:

I do like the look of wood in the original design though… kind of makes it look a little classier.

The sides will be wood still just one thicker sheet instead of two thin ones. That gives less printed parts and shorter bolts, Less CNC time needed to make them.

Well, now I know when I’ll be taking my table apart to paint it! I can use it to cut my side pieces, then pull it apart while everything else is printing.

I Like it!



Just checking in, good momentum. I actually spent a majority of the day, tweaking all the tiny details…It is much closer than it was yesterday.

I have no idea how I made the entire thing the first time so fast. This is tortuously slow going. I tried to appease y’all with some no-cable tie solutions, nope sorry. At least not for the X axis, Although I found a slick design that will work as an add on on thingiverse. Getting ahead of myself.


Looks pretty flash.

Can we get some thickness across the bar that is at the top of this pic to allow drilling and tapping holes for a Y endstop? I’ve done this with my existing, seems to work nicely with a bolt tapped into one of the router carriage bearing holders.

Also, why the concave surfaces on the bottom-most face of this pic? Looks sexy, but makes for weaker areas where the bolts go through. I’ve broken two of the equivalents in the current design.

One other thing, I’ve found the spec’d size wheels hard to find, but others that are a few mm bigger much more available. But wheels a bit bigger come close to fouling on the other bolt going through the part mounting the top wheels. Can those two bolts move 3mm further apart?


Also, the little holes for the cable ties mean parts aren’t rotateable. Maybe make the part thicker where necessary and have the user drill a hole if needed. Makes for lower distinctive parts count.

Hi again!I was just wondering if we can get a list with the parts that are not changed in your updated design,so I can start printing!Just orderered 2 kg of PETG and cant wait to start printing the parts!


AFAIK, 60mm (or 59mm) are only used by inline roller hockey goalie skates.

68mm, 70mm, 72mm are common for all inline roller skates.

So it makes sense that the smaller wheels are more rare. But they shouldn’t be impossible to find. I don’t know where Ryan found them so cheap, but I bought them from here. Obviously, buying wheels that are great for competitive roller hockey is overkill.

Much better way to do this would be in CAD, but the carriage does not touch so clamping an endstop on the rail would be best. I have made a mount for this as have a few others.


It’s sneaky…it forces more plastic not less. I am controlling strength with external walls not infill that every feels the need to skip on. I have the previous and new parts in hand, the new ones are better, promise.


That forces everyone to have a 6mm longer table. That also raises up your gantry 3mm, less rigid. The wheels are readily available as Heffe said they are hockey wheels. You can possibly use skate wheels this time around, I have not finalized it yet but I am trying, as they are cheaper.


Whats’s the difference? We are not buying moulds we are celebrating having 3D printers and not saddled with generic multi use parts! The part count on the new build is significantly less to make up for it. If you want to get technically the part count is actually pretty low, most of the parts are just mirrored you could do it with your slicer but it leads to confusion so I provide them already mirrored.


update…I hope to start build the test machine today or tomorrow!!!


I was told my excessive use of quotes comes off in a negative condescending manor. I do it for clarity, but if any of you feel I should take it down a notch let me know and I will.

I find

the breakup

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I guess you would have to define

Are quotes within a quote excessive?

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