GRBL_ESP32 continued

I have had this little board for prob. 6 months. I finally got around to installing the software on it. It is pretty neat.

It is this board:

I think Bart is doing very small batches and you have to ping him about it on slack. IIRC, it was assembled for about $35.

I installed some fysetc tmc2130 v1.2s and I only had to remove the stallguard pins to make it fit. I enabled corexy and changed the home order. Then I set the cpu map. There is an error in the cpu_map for the x limit switch, but I bet that will get fixed soon.

Now, this board has some neat advantages for the ZXY.

  • quiet driving (tmc2130s)
  • Small footprint. It fits in between the motors
  • Power, SD card, and USB are all on one side. So you could potentially build that into the side of your table and still protect the electronics from.tiny fingers.
  • Web interface for loading gcode, and basic stuff like homing, movement, configuration.
  • grbl, which is good and bad. Good because there is a lot less to configure. Bad because it starts in alarm until you home and it doesn’t recognize homing commands in gcode.

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Awesome, can we wire a hardware button to home when powered on maybe, or configure out the alarm? Sounds like an ideal ZXY board really.

All grbl arms in alarm?

I flashed grble onto my cheap laser engraver and it doesn’t have a home or any limit switches on it anywhere. I don’t recall it ever starting in an alarm state.

It’s all opem source, so we sure could. It would be nice if it was kept close to the source so we could keep getting new features from Bart.

If you enable homing, it starts in alarm, until you home.

Hello everyone

I also start a sand table, I’ll share my progress when I find a table to transform ?

For the moment I have created my own PCB on the same idea as the “Grbl_ESP32_TMC2130_Plotter_Controller” and I’m waiting to receive it to mount the components

My machine will be a coreXY controlled by two TMC2130


jeffeb3 : I would like to know if you can help me to start with grbl on my board

I currently have a compilation error ‘LIMIT_MASK’, do you have an configuration example

Thanks you

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Here is the diff on my config.h:

git diff Grbl_Esp32/config.h
diff --git a/Grbl_Esp32/config.h b/Grbl_Esp32/config.h
index 35a3ebb…57dc427 100644
— a/Grbl_Esp32/config.h
+++ b/Grbl_Esp32/config.h
@@ -169,9 +169,8 @@ Some features should not be changed. See notes below.
// will not be affected by pin sharing.

// NOTE: Defaults are set for a traditional 3-axis CNC machine. Z-axis first to clear, followed by X & Y.
-#define HOMING_CYCLE_0 (1<<Z_AXIS) // TYPICALLY REQUIRED: First move Z to clear workspace.
+#define HOMING_CYCLE_0 (1<<Y_AXIS) // TYPICALLY REQUIRED: First move Z to clear workspace.
#define HOMING_CYCLE_1 (1<<X_AXIS)
-#define HOMING_CYCLE_2 (1<<Y_AXIS)

// NOTE: The following is for for homingg X and Y at the same time
// #define HOMING_CYCLE_0 (1<<Z_AXIS) // first home z by itself
@@ -260,7 +259,7 @@ Some features should not be changed. See notes below.
// defined at ( Motors are assumed to positioned and wired exactly as
// described, if not, motions may move in strange directions. Grbl requires the CoreXY A and B motors
// have the same steps per mm internally.
-// #define COREXY // Default disabled. Uncomment to enable.
+#define COREXY // Default disabled. Uncomment to enable.

// Enable using a servo for the Z axis on a pen type machine.
// You typically should not define a pin for the Z axis in cpu_map.h
@@ -735,6 +734,7 @@ Some features should not be changed. See notes below.

// Paste CPU_MAP definitions here.
+#define CPU_MAP_TMC2130_PEN

// Paste default settings definitions here.

It is based off of commit f9b7b952880121a9dec990aa9b2e3ae97c70a38e in

I also had a pin change in the cpu_map.h, but I let Barton know and he said he would fix it.


I applied your changes and disabled “CPU_MAP_TEST_DRIVE”, for the moment the compilation is working

I will continue the configuration, thanks for the help

Hi, I have bdring’s board with ESP32 and drivers. I had a power glitch that toasted the ESP. I flashed a new ESP with the latest software. After fighting my Arduino IDE not saving my machine settings to mpcnc_v1p1, I have if flashed. One problem though, one of my y motors is not moving. I verified the motor and wiring is good by swapping to an x channel. I verified the driver by swapping that to an x channel. I tried changing the machine in the code to mpcnc_v1p2. No change to the other y motor moving. I can hear the motor humming on power up. Any recommendations on how to resolve this issue?

I have this line commented out on my table which disables the init alarm, but still allows homing.

/ If homing is enabled, homing init lock sets Grbl into an alarm state upon power up. This forces
// the user to perform the homing cycle (or override the locks) before doing anything else. This is
// mainly a safety feature to remind the user to home, since position is unknown to Grbl.
#define HOMING_INIT_LOCK // Comment to disable

I like to have more knowledge of these boards here in these forums, but the best knowledge is in the slack for buildlog. Bart responds to most questions pretty quickly and he knows the right questions to ask.