Hello everyone, I thought I would share my build and try to attach some pics as well as the configs for my GRBL.

Before I get Started just to let everyone know I never touched a CNC till I started building this one so be gentle.

First Off I went with a 24 x 24 x 4, build platform, Im running Open Builds Black Box with GRBL,

(I got it on sale didn’t pay what its listed for now), I liked it as well as their other stuff due to how modular everything is and once configured its plug and play. I also use their power supply

and power relay which you can cheaper in other places, its really nice for power on my my DW 660 and my vac when I get it hooked up from the the console. I use a combo of V-carve desktop and fusion 360 ( very much a noob at both, Vcarve is very intuitive and easy to learn) for design and post processing, I use Open builds Open Control

for machine control, agan very intuitive, and for me easy to learn and get around in especially when making changes to GRBL. All of my parts I printed was on a Creality Ender 3 Pro, highly recommend, never skipped a beat and it ran constant for a good week printing everything. Other stuff was bought either from Ryan or the local hard ware store.

I will Try to post my set up file GRBL:

$0=10 ;Step pulse time, microseconds

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $1=255 ;Step idle delay, milliseconds

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $2=0 ;Step pulse invert, mask

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $3=101 ;Step direction invert, mask

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $4=1 ;Invert step enable pin, boolean

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $5=0 ;Invert limit pins, boolean

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $6=0 ;Invert probe pin, boolean

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $10=1 ;Status report options, mask

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $11=0.020 ;Junction deviation, millimeters

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $12=0.002 ;Arc tolerance, millimeters

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $13=0 ;Report in inches, boolean

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $20=0 ;Soft limits enable, boolean

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $21=0 ;Hard limits enable, boolean

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $22=1 ;Homing cycle enable, boolean

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $23=0 ;Homing direction invert, mask

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $24=100.000 ;Homing locate feed rate, mm/min

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $25=1500.000 ;Homing search seek rate, mm/min

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $26=250 ;Homing switch debounce delay, milliseconds

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $27=5.000 ;Homing switch pull-off distance, millimeters

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $30=1000 ;Maximum spindle speed, RPM

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $31=1000 ;Minimum spindle speed, RPM

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $32=0 ;Laser-mode enable, boolean

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $100=50.000 ;X-axis steps per millimeter

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $101=50.000 ;Y-axis steps per millimeter

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $102=200.000 ;Z-axis steps per millimeter

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $110=1000.000 ;X-axis maximum rate, mm/min

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $111=1000.000 ;Y-axis maximum rate, mm/min

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $112=1000.000 ;Z-axis maximum rate, mm/min

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $120=100.000 ;X-axis acceleration, mm/sec^2

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $121=100.000 ;Y-axis acceleration, mm/sec^2

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $122=100.000 ;Z-axis acceleration, mm/sec^2

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $130=508.000 ;X-axis maximum travel, millimeters

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $131=508.000 ;Y-axis maximum travel, millimeters

[14:51:00] [ $$ ] $132=114.300 ;Z-axis maximum travel, millimeters

“I know their can be some tweaking to do, like I said very new to all this.”

And some pics, so If you have any questions or suggestions give me a shout.





That is such a nice build. And your plaque belies that you had no CNC experience. Great job.

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With a stack of wood like that youre clearly no stranger to working the wood.

Lovely engravings for such a beginner with cnc.

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I piddle with some wood working, that stack is reclaimed lumber from a barn, I used it to build a barn door for my den, and cabinet facing for my wet bar.


That is a really nice build.

But you’ve got to take those advertising stickers off of your toolbox. Now you know my pet peeve.

Your Z speed limit should probably be less than the XY. The Z stepper has to move 4x the speed to reach the same mm/s. Ryan has them set to:

#define DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE { 120, 120, 30, 25 }

Those are in mm/s, so more like 7200, 7200, 1800. Although those are on the high side. I would say you can at least move the XY to 4000. Just my $0.02.

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Thanks Jeff will give it a shot, cant remember were I got those values from but will change them to see how things run, and that tool chest is over 6 month old, never even noticed the stickers.

I used to work at circuit city and people would sometimes ask us for computer help (this was before we charged for that sort of thing). I would have customers come in with laptops that they had had for 10 years, with the stickers still on the wrist rests. Some of them didn’t want them removed because it had specs on them (32mB RAM!). My eyes were bleeding.

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So funny, and by the way this thing zips around now, thanks for the info. I couldn’t find any Grbl parameters to start with so I just winged it the best I could. It doing pretty good I never messed with a CNC till I started building this one, cutting holes now in my spoil board getting it ready so I can mount work proper, the super glue trick is getting old. I was able to do my first 3d cut today, for being such a noob I think its okay, need to do alot of learning on tooling. 1/4 2 flute upcut for the rough in pass, and .125 ball nose for the finishing, wish it would have come out a little smoother. 0.8333 inch/sec was my feed for the finishing pass, and I dont have any speed control for my DW660.