Grbl Ramps 1.4 duel z & y filmware

Can anyone please help ? Im pulling my hair out :confused:
Ive just built Lowrider 3 but need filmware, I would like to use GRBL so i can use ugs , but cant find away around duel z and y and single x ,
I have a ramps + mega board I would like use ?

a few people keep sending me links to marlin filmware
But really dont want to use this filmware :frowning:

Thankyou in advance

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  • Dual axis motors is only supported on the X-axis or Y-axis. And deletes the spindle direction(D13) and optional coolant mist (A4) features to make room for the dual motor step and direction pins.

Read about it here


I believe GRBL mega 5x will get you there.


ยตCNC Will also be able to do it.


Thankyou ryan however im not sure how to build filmware to add duel z :frowning: can you recommend anyone or any business that can custom build me a Grbl filmware for ramps 1.4 with dvr8825 ?
Thans again

Thanks for your reply:) however im hopeless at building custom filmware :frowning: I wouldnt know where to start :frowning:

Have you ever used Arduino IDE?
Do you only need dual drive? Do you need auto squaring too? Do you use endstops? Etcโ€ฆ

If you explain your setup I may be able to guide you.