GRBL with dual endstops - no steppers

I am having trouble with the GRBL dual endstop setup.

I have an SKR v1.4 board with the ‘GRBL on Rambo’ firmware. This is attached to a raspberry pi4 running cnc.js.

When I connect through USB, I can send commands and receive msg from the machine just fine. So GRBL and cnc.js are talking. When the initial startup is complete the steppers do not even power on. I can slide the gantries around. If I try to jog I get an error 2 soft limits.

However, when I flash Marlin onto the SKR board and select Marlin in CNC.js everything works fine and I’ve drawn a Crown no problems. So I’m assuming it’s a setting in GRBL somewhere. I disabled Homing Init lock and the safety door lock as well.

Which setting should I look into and where are the stepper drivers defined?


case closed

I gave up on dual endstop+GRBL and went with Marlin. I know Things are working great after I realized that when I had to reverse my Y-axis, I also had to swap the Y endstops.

To see the two axis self-square each time I home is quite something. Great design

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