Great option for Router!

This looks to be a clone of the Makita RT0701C, the difference being it has been custom made with the ER11 collet system. There is a slight premium over the price of the Makita, though well worth it to eliminate the need for 1/8" adapters that we needed on the Makita not to mention it comes with 4 collets and a two spare sets of brushes.

Wish I would have know about this before I got my Makita. :slight_smile:

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Link to the actual router. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nice find. I love the idea of being able to use the cheaper, more varied, and widely available ER collets.

One issue is the base, which is required for installing on the LowRider. The Makita comes with the base, but you would need to spend the around $35 if you purchased this router.

My father in law has one and I can confirm it is a little bit quieter than my dewalt. Nice little unit from what I’ve seen.

A printed part would be easy enough to design. Failing that, if someone really needs, I (Or someone else who has used the Makita for a Primo) might be able to spare the base that came with that one.

I was considering printing a replacement base to use a piece of clear acrylic as a base instead of the standard one.

It’ll need to be printed in something that can handle the heat. They get warm.

Well, if a PLA (Or in my case PETg) part can hold it in the Primo, it shouldn’t be TOO bad.

I was playing with a part to get the clear acrylic base, but since clear acrylic has more or less quadrupled in price this past year or so, I haven’t actually printed it.

Sweet! It has super low runout! I think the Makita only has the metric “low runout” instead of super low.

No problem - if you don’t want to print one, they are around $10.00US from your friendly Chinese supplier or eBay.

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Also available from Carbide 3D.

This has free shipping.

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There’s a high heat (HTPLA) that you can use for parts like this. There are people using plasma cutters that had to make a torch holder and they used the HTPLA because regular PLA softened up or melted. Protoplasta HTPLA is the brand. Hope this helps.

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