Great Project, I think it may actually work :)

I have to say that stumbling across this project has provided a lot of fun. I still have not cut anything but I am getting close. It has been fairly forgiving when something does not work out like I think it will. I still need a more permanent table.

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I still do not know what height that I want to make it or what is a good height for that matter :slight_smile:

I did swap to a carbon fiber tube that seems to be very rigid and does not flex like the junk tubing that I had before


a few more photos


Interesting giant build, Can’t wait to see how it works out. I have made a lot of statements about big builds, and of CF. Can’t wait to see how it goes for you. Lightweight materials and foams, I hope?

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I’ll keep an eye on this build for sure to see how it all works out. Looks cool with black and yellow.

That CF sure looks thick. From certain angles it looks a little like rolled up $100 bills. :slight_smile:

Like the others said, I’m curious how it works over the longer term. It looks thick enough it stands a good chance of working.

I finally got some time to work on this thing over Christmas break and today, I cut my first two pieces so I thought I would give an update with some photos. I ditched arduino and went with a stand alone CNC motion controller.

At this point there is no issues with the CF de laminating but that may happen some time in the future. I like the idea of going with 15mm belts but I told myself I would not start to modify this machine until I get it working. I still need to print some mechanism to lock down the wood.

I have never done any CNC and I have to admit, the learning curve is much more than I expected. :slight_smile:

I still need to clean up some of the wiring, build an enclosure and add a vacuum system.

The Arrow was just so I knew how the machine would orientate the cut from the home position.