Greenhouse roof

Cutting a large number of large pieces that all need to be pretty close to perfect…
Motivation to dial in your machine. Go big or go home!


That is awesome. That deserves a lot of credit for designing a round roof and then cutting it on your own CNC machine. You are living the dream.

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Let’s hope :slight_smile:

It has definitely forced a great deal of learning. Which is pretty much the whole point of everything we do!

I’m happy to report that even though my Y axis was a little screwy for about half of the first cuts, the registration holes like up. So I think I will be able to perform woodworking on most of it and get good results.


Super cool. Gave me all sorts of ideas.

What are you using on top of those ribs?

I have two large roles of solexx waiting with bated breath.

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Oh this is getting exciting now!

My Great Grandfather built that barn in the background in 1915. Tough act to follow, but imagine he’d approve. He was an engineer.