Gshield possible with MPCNC motor setup?

I was given a synthetos gshield to play around with (since we have a bunch of UNO’s in the shop) and possibly build another mpcnc, but just curious if this would have enough power to drive the dual x/dual y motor setup for the mpcnc.

The gshield is only 3 drivers, you need at least 5 for the 5 steppers.

Plus, does it support Marlin?

So I wouldn’t be able to power them off the x and y off 1 driver each like the rambo does? Or does the rambo actually have 2 drivers per connector.

It runs GRBL, and I was just thinking of trying it with that since we were given VCarve for our makerspace.

You can use the gshield just not with marlin or dual endstops.

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yes, marlin/endstops were not the intent. So the 3 drivers will be fine to drive all 5 motors? Thanks for the advice!