GT2560 - Marlin with dual endstops

Hi all,

I have built an MPCNC and now i’m facing the task of compiling and flashing the Marlin firmware. I have a dual endstop setup, and i’m trying to compile Marling (the dual endstop version) for the GT2560 Rev A+…


Atm it’s complaining that “No E stepper plug left for Y2!”…


Any advice/instructions?




You might be using the wrong target type for your Arduino compiler, it’s checking to make sure your hardware can support 5 steppers (and based on your error message, it’s not liking what it’s seeing).

I think i figured it out… followed the description on the v1engineering page wrt dual endstops… so i basically renamed extrude 0 to extruder 1 and extruder 1 to extruder 2… then defined a “fake” extruder 0 using some, what i think are unused, pins…


What confuses me atm is that pin assignments in Marlin’s pins_GT2560_REV_A.h differ from the ones on the schematic found here:

Can anybody explain that? example: X_MIN_PIN is defined as 22 in Marlin… but the schematic shows X_MIN connected to pin 78… weird…


So once i figure out which 3 pins are unused on the Mega in GT2560 REV A, i’ll be set to go… i think…



Good luck! By the way, you shouldn’t need to rename or reassign pin numbers unless Geetech wired their version of a Mega + RAMPs differently.

For the dual you do need to change the pins. I move E0 to fake empty pins and add a E2 to the E0 pins. Marlin does not currently allow for 0 extruders but it is slowly being implemented.

I didn’t change any pins and the dual endstop feature is working as adverstised… am I missing something?

Hi all…

Yes, it turns out i forgot about the Mega2560 to Arduino pin names mapping… see,file=17497,filename=PinMap2560big.png

And also, yes, GT2560 is compatible with RAMPs… so… almost good to go :slight_smile: now for testing… will be reporting soon.



Hey Ales,

I face the same problem, the image you linked does not work as the files cant be referenced directly, can you provide a link to a page where the image is embedded, I couldn’t find any in their search.

Or you post which Pins you used, much simpler for me :wink:

Regards Sören


Hi Soren…

So what i ended up doing is using the GT2560_REV_A_PLUS board pin assignments… In configuration.h you specify the motherboards as BOARD_GT2560_REV_A_PLUS, i thing (please verify in boards.h)… And the in pins/pins_GT2560_REV_A_PLUS.h i used the same trick as they did for the RAMPS board… i renamed E0 pins to E1, E1 pins to E2… and recreated E0 pins, where all E0 pins get assigned to pin 70…

And it seems to work :slight_smile:

If you need more help i can send you the entire package…




PS: Sorry for the late reply… was away for a bit…

Hey Ales,


thanks a lot for your reply, this is what I assumed and tried for myself, but I’m still missing some wires at my build and could not verify that it works.