Gt2560 v4 (v3) config

Does anyone try to run mpcnc primo on Gt2560 v3 motherboard? Is so can any one got config file to share?

If someone doesn’t have the config file for you, it might be simple to do yourself. The Wiki on the GT2560 indicates that it is a replacement for a Ramps 1.4 board. I look at the Marlin source, and the pin assignments are different between Ramps 1.4 and the GT2560 V3. Maybe you can just start with the Marlin Ramps firmware from V1 and redefine the motherboard. I did a quick test by starting with the V1 firmware and making the following change. It did compile.


The two other things you’d potentially need to address are the drivers and the display. The V1 Ramps firmware is setup for the DRV8825 drivers. If you are using some other driver, you will need to make a change. This would also be true if you get the config files form someone else who is using different drivers than you have. The V1 Marlin firmware for the Ramps board is setup to use REPRAP_DISCOUNT_FULL_GRAPHIC_SMART_CONTROLLER for the display.

Someone with more experience with firmware might find additional work or flaws in my suggestion, but it would be very quick to test.

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Thanks, I will follow your instructions. Im using Drv8825 and full grafic lcd. I know how edit marlin. Yust dont sure what changes i need to make for cnc, usually I compile marlin for my 3d printers :wink:

By starting with the V1 maintained firmware, you get all the changes made for the MPCNC. Good luck!

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To be clear, those are linked from MarlinBuilder releases.