Guitar pick guitar hanger

Trying out a gift idea for my dad, can’t decide if the proportions are off.


I don’t know much about guitar/fender stuff, bu that looks good to me!


Looks Good!

IIRC I had some Fender picks years ago that were tortoise shell colored with white lettering, I can’t remember if the lettering was angled or not.

IF I was really going to pick nits I might try lowering the lettering on the shape a scooch(technical term) and maybe a little to the right just for comparison’s sake.

But I confess to more than occasionally overthinking things. :woozy_face:

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That is a tough call. With a guitar hanging there the lettering a bit higher, where it is, should make it a bit more visible.

Yeah, I just know from experience if I do something and can’t decide if it’s a bit off or not, I’d best change what I think may be off and try it again. Otherwise, I know every time I see it I’ll have that ? rattlin’ around my head. :scream: Of course better yet if the software allows you to move the lettering around on the drawing just for comparison’s sake.

It’s so much easier when it’s an objective measurement than whether it pleases your eyes or not.

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I’m sure the logo would be lower on an actual pick, but I do want the logo visible over the headstock of the guitar when hanging. I definitely appreciate the input and opinions though.


That looks great, and iirc, my fender picks, the letters were always done in metallic. That would make it really stand out imo. Been a while, but I don’t think your proportions are very far from the original.


They must’ve gotten fancy, the only ones I ever had (late '60s early '70s) were lettered in white. Didn’t have many, I was more a plucker (bass player ) than a picker. :grinning:

True. And I had some of those grey nylon picks where the letters were just raised, not a different color. But I keep remembering a marbled maroon/red/dark brown pick with gold letters and a green one with silver. I could be crazy but that’s what my mind is bringing up 15 years later lol

I believe that was meant to emulate tortoise shell.

No doubt somewhere on the internet you can find instructions on how to give any surface a trompe l’oeil tortoise shell finish.

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Looks Great! Even with the head-stock hanging in it I think you’ll see the logo just fine. I’m a guitar nut and your dads gonna love it. Very Cool, Perfect gift!