Harbor Freight 2 HP Fixed Base Router

Is there anyone out there using this router? its 52 dollars and i bet you could use the 20% coupon. it says it can use 1/4 bits and 3/8 bits. Are 3/8 popular?

I noticed it does not have an 1/8" collet option - were you thinking of using this tool primarily? Or just for bigger bits?
Weight is also a concern: 7.9 lbs vs. 3.2 lbs on the DeWalt DW660. Some improvements would probably be needed to the gantry to support the extra weight.

I agree, 8 lbs is way over the heaviest routers that are being used and seems too risky to try. I think that you would get problems with chatter due to the systems stability. The Makita router is 3.1 lbs. Before I bought it I strapped a 4lb dumbell to the Z axis and moved it though some high feedrate tests to make sure the steppers would not skip. The Makita only comes with a 1/4" collet but you can buy a precision 1/8" one for $25. I doubt that an 1/8" one is available for the Harbor freight router.

Yeah saw the weight and ended going with the DW660.