Hard ware reccomended for the dewalt mount and the universal pen mount

What hardware do you guys use for the universal pen and the dewalt mount that Ryan made for the MPCNC?

It should be 6-32 x 3/4"(or metric equivalent) unless specified otherwise.

Ok, do you know what kind of switches are used for the auto endstop as well? I know there limit switches but the ones included in the kit I cannot wire up with the connectors provided and have on the auto stop bearing guard things at the same time (unless soldered maybe). Because the wires would be jamming into the bearing. This isnt shown on thingiverse for the auto stop files (picture included to show problem)

Just bend the tabs.

What do you do for strain relief for the endstops

In what way? There is no strain in the wires they are all bundled and secured with all the other wires typically to the plates with all the holes in them.

I showed my brother the wires the ebdstop and told me they needed to be strain relieved but thanks for telling me

Your brother is right, zip tieing them to the roller plate is the strain relief.