Has anyone recreated the 25.4mm Burly assembly file?

I’m about to have to Frankenstien this thing together. Can anyone save me?

Hi Ben,

I am starting my journey with printing my part, I live on the east cost of the US and my first issue is to get the 25,4 mm OD conduit.

from where did you get the conduit if you are from the US?


That does not exist here, have a look at the parts page, size page, or specs page for details.

Thank you Ryan,

I read it so many time, I think I was so excited to start the the project, I ignored it, until this morning when I went to home depot and measure the conduit.

I am glad ask the question on the forum, I already waste 10 hours printing the 25.4mm.

Better than finding the issue later, Ok Let start printing the 23.5mm one

again Thank you.


I ordered it online from McMaster here