Have you thought of using zeemaps to show where all MPCNC's are located

The folgertech facebook group uses this to let people add where their printer is located. Seems like that would be a cool thing to have linked on your site for locations of all the MPCNC, Lowrider CNC, MP3DP & ZenXY around the world. In the description for each entry on this zeemaps site, people put what kind of printer they have.




It looks neat. Looks like people can self report, which is good. It also looks like only the first 100 points are free:


I did not look at the price. That could be expensive. I wonder if there is a wordpress plugin or something similar that could be created? Looks like prusa just uses a map from the 3Dhubs.

Here are a couple of open source Interactive World Map plugins I found.



I’ve used software in the past that would map the IP addresses of where my customers were coming from.

Since a lot of people that visit the forum are building ‘something’ from the site, that would be an ok representation. + or - the few nutjobs that VPN through Peru or something (can’t verify, but think Jeffe probably fits this list)

Nope. Argentina.

I’m so down for this, I send boxes to countries I have never heard of! Votes for a good one, That doesn’t cost $20/month? The two other links above I don’t think will work.

Dang I got it to work really well with google maps but people can delete each others pins.


Dang and google isn’t available everywhere in the world…China firewall.

For some reason all my TOR exit nodes show up in Fort Meade Maryland.

It looks like “World Political Map - 2D Edition” on the unity asset store supports markers, if someone is so inclined…

It’d be really cool to see where all these machines are located.

Well I thought I found one but I can’t get it to load/display. The google maps APi is paid only now, explains why all of them charge money.


@Ryan, why don’t you just point a webcam at a low rider, carve the world map on it, and let people punch in whatever gcode they want to mark where the machines are?

That would be a cool demo at MRRF, or I guess any show. Type in your address and have the machine plot a star there.

Sounds like you are getting close to a free solution for this. I like the gcode idea.

Open street maps, maybe?

I just dug through it a bit, it looks more like a crowd sourced map. I placed a marker but it disappears as you zoom out.

User submitted info is tough. I have it working in google maps but there is no way to prevent deleting points. If you can add a point you can delete any or all points. The one I almost had working on the previous page, needed you to make a post on the site…kinda complicated.

Looks like we helped kill the OP link…

Oh yeah, ouch.