Having a great time with my MPCNC

I am an infant with it. I just starting out but wow! This is going to be fun.

Overwhelmed with what estlcam can do! It is kinda tough as most youtube stuff is older or German, but I am getting it and only 59 bucks, wow.

I have a big project I want to do but ran out of time this weekend. So cannot wait til next weekend.

Go Detroit Rams, saw that on the web, someone is making a killing off of it.


So glad you are having fun, but I would hardly say infant. You are far above average with those projects as a starting point!


Stuff looks great, I haven’t done anything with acryllic yet. And somehow I can’t shake the feeling I know the box in the last picture… :smiley: I think you would not have so much tearout if you used a diamond or spiral endmill (Sorotec Online-Shop - Werkzeuge), however they are called in English.


Yes you do! Thanks to you it was at my fingertips and i had a small sheet beside me. It was fun. If acrylic was not so expensive i would cut one out of it. A clear french cleat box. How fun would that be??


Sorry i saw our name and addy in that pic. I will repost

Sign made with v carve from estlcam. Endmill for rough and vbit for finish. For our regrind shop at work