Having problems with the motion Y and Z axis

Hi everyone

I am working on a lowrider and using a rambo with 5 drivers

A problem that I’m having is that the z axis does not have enough power to move the gantry, and I already put lube on the leadscrews.

Also, my y axis is wired not in series, and in e0 and e1 spots, but it doesn’t move. Do I have to do something with the firmware?

Thanks for your help

Are you using E1 for the second Z motor? The second Z port is wired in parallel, which would explain the limited strength.

My guess is you should flash the firmware with the dual version. You can see what you have on the lcd, or with M115. V510S is serial V510DL is dual for low rider.

You can grab the right version at MarlinBuilder releases and upload it with xloader.

Thank you, I’ll try that, and I am not using E1 for the z axis, I am using it for the Y2.

Y2 should be on E0.