I seen this at Menards today ( its a home improvement chain in the Midwest). I started wondering if it might be suitable to use for frame and bed material. I imagine it will be immune to humidity (and heat to a reasonable degree).

If your house is air conditioned, it might be alright. That’s the stuff in my barn that warped in the heat.

Interesting. Did you use it for your frame?


I don’t think 1/4" will be rigid enough for a bed frame but with that said I didn’t know they carried sheets of HDPE. Might have to make a field trip to that money pit.

No. I was going to use it in my 3d printer enclosure to block off the electronics in the base with the rest of the enclosure. It warped too much. Ended up using half inch plywood.

Look at using Starboard next time. Its the marine version of HDPE.