Heat beds for MPCNC - how to fix to table?

I have got a 200x300 PCB heatbed, and a mirror of this size. The idea is to make a bigger than standard 3d printer.
I am struggling with how to mount the heatbed to the MPCNC table, to make it relatively easy to remove.
Any ideas? Could anyone post their builds?

Current idea is to make a removable heatbed block that have the wooden base, then 1cm of air (to isolate wood from heatbed), and then PCB heatbed with a mirror surface on top. Is this an okay idea?

P.S. The heatbed have 4 mounting holes to the corners. just as all of them, I suppose.

I just drill holes and use screws and springs.

Why would you want to isolate the heat bed from the wood? The wood is good insulation. If I were to use my MPCNC as a printer, I wouldn’t bother with any standoffs, since it should be perfectly flat to begin with… A fixed bed is a very desirable feature for a 3D printer, and the MPCNC should make that pretty easy to accomplish.

Thanks guys! Indeed, screws and springs look pretty simple))
As for isolating from the wood - I might be wrong but I thought 100-120C is bit high for wood, and would lead to degradation (burning) …

Naa, that’s not too bad. Things start getting interesting around 280c or so. I’ve never gotten my bed that hot though. I think the highest I’ve ever run it is around 90c for ABS. Took forever to get that high.

Thanks Barry!

Plaid with my heatbed for some time. I have big cheap PCB heatbed, which unfortunately will take forewer to heat to 80-90C using 12v and standard wires. So I Got a PC 450W power supply, tuned the output voltage to around 13.4 V, and replaced the Chinese wires with not-so-chinese ones. And that made sence! I see reasonable improvement in time of heating. I would say now it is heating to 100C in 5-7 minutes, but this is rough testing

Hopefully you’re not printing anything on a 100c bed!!! I print on bare glass with elmers glue stick. Pet-g prints at 240c for the hot end and 60c for the bed. PLA, depending on color, prints around 200c with a 70c bed. ABS is 220c hot end and 90c bed on blue painter’s tape. This is with an E3dv6 hotend on a Rostock Max delta printer. 100c bed might make things a little mushy, not sure though.

Well actually I still havent had any experience with anything except PLA. My printer’s heatbed is only able to heat to 70C or so… I am printing PLA with 45-50C
Now I am building the bigger printer based on MPCNC, and yes, I am not going to print directly on 100C PCB, I ordered the special mirrors cut. Maybe I’ll take blue tape or ABS juice, we’ll see.
Unfortunately my project is extremely slow… I moved to another house, but still living in both, missing some parts at one place, and some at other))

Why print to a 100C bed? There’s no need, even with abs.

Not to be argumentative but, I use 100c for abs with my enclosed printer all the time. I may be able to get away with lower, but I’m use to using 100c so I do.

Cool. I print a lot lower, didn’t think it was needed.