Heat Tuning

Read that the heat is supposed to leave the stock with the chips.
Wonder if I can use my IR cam for checking that ?

Here is a dry run of some Fusion360 code on my newly serialised steppers.
Default speeds seem a bit slow,… but nothing is overheating :slight_smile:


oooohhhhh I want one!!!

It has a good wow factor, but it spends a lot of time in the drawer.

The Price/TimeInUse is not good : )

Do you have a heated bed you could get a shot of?

About how much was it if you don’t mind? I actually looked at them yesterday and got overwhelmed with the options.

Sure, anything in particular you are looking for ?
I can capture the next time I print.

Oh, and it’s one of these for an iPhone

MAn I want one. Same as you though. After looking at a few things I doubt I would use it ore than once a month.

Thanks for the pics just wanted to get an idea of what it would look like.

Once a month might be aiming high : )

But it has some unexpected uses like finding cables in walls (put a load on the outlet), temperature of fermenting beer, monitoring electronic circuits and installations.

You could use it to increase the feed rates and see the temp changes that occur on the bit vs chips…

I’d watch that video :)!

Oh and decrease them too on a bit you don’t like too much ;).