Heatbed Tips Before I Start

So I have the parts bundle for all the hardware and electronics, a friend is going to make the printed parts for me. I have gone over the online documentation and done lots of reading up on 3D printing and I would like to have a heatbed for printing. I note that there are no instructions/suggestions for a good way to setup a heatbed for this printer.

It does differ from lots of other printers as it isn’t strictly a 3D printer with a mounted heatbed on a moving axis. I do intend to eventually do CNC and laser cutting so it will have to be removable as well. Thus I’m looking for any good suggestions for how people have been setting up heatbeds on their MPCNCs.

The firmware is ready you just need to connect it. As for mounting it I just drill 4 holes in the work surface and mount it on springs just like most printers. I can take a picture when I use it to print again, I have been milling the last few days.

The electronics I already understand. The pictures would be nice though as my friend’s heatbed setup seems to be crap as it seems to fall out of alignment during prints, so I wouldn’t count that one as a great example of what to do. Still hoping to get the go ahead from my wife to just buy the printed parts from you as I’m sure yours will be much more accurate. Alternately I’ll be doing a trip to the hardware store to beef up my friend’s heatbed.